Mission & Vision

Founding Statement

As an organization we are founded with a mission to fight for jobs for the unemployed metalworkers, fight for decent jobs for the employed metalworkers, fight for better living conditions, fight for safe and secure workplaces and fight for an economic order that serves all the people.


Strive for full employment of all the people. Strive for the economic order that serves all the people. Decent and safe working environment. Fight for both employed and unemployed workers

A Vision For The Future

To have a unitred, organized and fighting union. To have a country that promotes manufacturing as the basis for a developmental state. Increase equality in society and in the workplaces. To translate political freedom to economic freedom.

Core Values

Democracy and worker control. Unity of workers at all levels. Betterment of wages and conditions of employment. Accountability and transparency to members.

The decision to establish Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa (LIMUSA) came after a long period of internal resistance and struggle against the reactionary direction taken by NUMSA leadership which opportunistically imposed its will over that union through various form of despotic manipulation. While calling for dialogue and democracy elsewhere that leadership ruthlessly stamped on dissent within its ranks.

Officials, shop-stewards and members who were stalwarts of working class struggle and internal democracy in the union were isolated, stifled, and in many cases faced trumped-up charges, suspensions and expulsions. At the same time, individuals who were not the members, leaders or officials who were baseless organisationally gained control over the general direction of what NUMSA leaders said. Meanwhile, focus in NUMSA had increasingly been towards setting up of a new political party using the resources of the workers and less on their working conditions.

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LIMUSA is a red militant campaigning trade union that stands for the following:

• Democracy and worker-control.

• Unity of workers at all levels.

• Betterment of wages and conditions of employment.

• Accountability and transparency to members.

One industry, One union, One country, One federation.

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