Labour Law

The Department of Labour publishes legislation that regulates labour practices and activities

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The Department of Labour will play a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners, which are aimed at:
Improved economic efficiency and productivity
Employment creation
Sound labour relations
Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace
Alleviating poverty in employment

The Department of Labour will strive for a labour market which is conducive to investment, economic growth, employment creationand decent work.

Regulate the South Africa labour market for a sustainable economy through:

Appropriate legislation and regulations
Inspection, compliance monitoring and enforcement
Protection of human rights
Provision of Employment Services
Promoting equity
Social and income protection
Social dialogue.

We treat employees with care, dignity and respect
We respect and promote:
Client centred services
Integrity and ethical behaviour
Learning and development
We live the Batho Pele Principles
We live the principles of the Department’s Service Charter
We inculcate these values through our performance management system.

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