LIMUSA to picket outside ABB, Johannesburg

Members of the Liberated Metalworkers will picket in numbers outside ABB, Johannesburg on the 21st of September 2015. This comes after the President of LIMUSA, comrade Sboniso Mdletshe was illegally suspended by his employer ABB. His employer alleged that he committed gross misconduct by submitting union membership forms to ABB instead of submitting them to a supplier company and further alleged that he encouraged workers from these supplier companies to join LIMUSA and therefore cannot be trusted by the company (ABB).
LIMUSA viewed this as a witch-hunt against the leadership of LIMUSA and LIMUSA as a union. Our members have vowed to fight rogue employers such as ABB who are hell-bent on weakening the power of progressive unions by intimidating leaders of these unions.
Several COSATU affiliates have also pledged their support to comrade Mdletshe and will be joining this picket.
Issued by secretariat

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