LIMUSA congratulates comrade Mugwena Maluleke

The home of workers in South Africa wishes to congratulate the General Secretary of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU), comrade Mugwena Maluleke on his election as the Vice-President of Education International, a world federation of over 400 national education trade unions from 172 countries.

The election of comrade Maluleke, a tried and tested trade unionist comes at a time where aspersions have been casted on COSATU affiliates by our detractors who have in their employ, a vast army of so-called “independent” analysts. This unholy alliance between these detractors and their army of analysts has tried and failed to portray COSATU and its affiliates as unfavorable to workers. Comrade Maluleke’s election vindicates us as it shows that workers all over the world still see leaders of COSATU and its affiliates as their preferred representatives.

As LIMUSA continues to grow with each passing day, we shall also be exploring modalities of affiliating to a world federation of trade unions that organize metal workers. Education International has served as an example of how international worker solidarity is a necessity in the fight against conglomerates whose sole mandate is to exploit workers in different countries.

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